Monday, April 26, 2010

It Takes a Long Time to Grow Old Friends

It was time for a get away. So, this weekend Christine, Katie and I jumped in the car and trekked up to Christine's house in Maine. The car ride up was full of great stories and even greater laughs. Saturday night we hung out by the fire until around 4am and Sunday was spent canoeing and sun bathing on the lake raft. Sunday afternoon, the three of us went to Steeplebush Farm (or as Christine lovingly refers to it's owner: "The Herb Lady"). Her garden and shop were so quaint and beautiful. Lauriejane (I think that was her name) was such a sweet woman and extremely knowledgeable about her farm and products, as she made many of them herself. I look forward to returning and buying some of the most delicious smelling home-made soaps.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farm Party

Yesterday, Katie, Seville, and I piled into the Honda and made the long drive up to Lake Winnisquam for Christine's Birthday. We went to a timeshare c/o Megan and spent the night swimming in the indoor pool and taking advantage of the awesome waterslide. This morning, Katie and I woke up early to get some shots of the Steele Hill Farm in Sanborton, NH. The cows were a little peeved that we were on thier property but the tractor-man that welcomed us in didn't seem to mind.

The Barn


Crossing the River
Traveling Trough
Old Trough
Dancing Tree
Flood Issues
Bye Farm