Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday America!

It has been years since I've spent the 4th at my Aunt's house in Marion, MA. We used to go every year and spend the weekend, but school and jobs and schedules have gotten in the way during the past 6 years, so when my family all finally got a chance to get together, we all jumped on it. It was so nice to see so many relatives and see how much everyone has grown! I love the feeling of that beach and all the memories attached to it were so comforting to revisit. I hope we go back next year, this year's 4th was such a tease. :)
The walk down to the beach.

A stop along the way.

Searching for some shells.

Clearly breaking the rules.

Loving life in Marion.

Long over-due greetings!


These were way more hassle than they were worth. People will eat anything covered in really doesn't even need to look this pretty.

Onset Beach
The Famous Kenny's!

Shell Shearching

You found a WHAT?

Rave or Fireworks? You decide.

You're right, it was fireworks. :P

Jerry and Ben's

Who ever said they had to go in reverse order? I watched the video on the B&J's tour in VT, and they said nothing about one having higher priority over the other. Here is Katie enjoying some ice cream. :)